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Understanding golf has always been Ben's passion. The pursuit for improvement and understanding led Ben to the top of Virgina High School ranks and on to a college scholarship at Gardner Webb University. In 1996 Ben turned pro and played in numerous mini tours, state opens, and qualifiers. Ben learned alot about life on the road and after 5 years he took his first club professional position. It was there that Ben learned that teaching and club fitting were the aspects of the golf profession that he enjoyed most. The passion Ben had to improve his own game was replaced with a love to help others. This continued his search for understanding and he immersed himself in learning how to teach effectively. His quest took him to several club manufacturing plants, teaching seminars, and general study of how to improve players. Ben uses all his golf experiences to enhance, enlighten, and improve your golf skills. Ben teaches all levels of golfers from first time players to tour professionals.