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Ladies League

ArrrowHead Golf Club Ladies League Membership

If you are interested in playing in a competitive but FUN ladies league then ArrowHead is the place for you.  The ladies play every Tuesday at 8:15 AM from November thru March.  It is not necessary to be a member at ArrowHead in order to join.  There is a $30.00 application fee which is applied to
prizes and the annual luncheon which is held in March.  All players must join the GHIN system at ArrowHead.  The fee for this service is $24.38 per season.  Please fill out the attached application and bring it by the Pro Shop.  We look forward to meeting you.
League Events:
*Ladies League Tuesday, December 11th, 2018    
  *The game is T'S and F's (Individual Game)*            
8:15 Susan Aborn Suzanne Rivara Susan Diehl Donna Sawers      
8:22 Pat Primavera Rita Parrott Kris Sweeny Anna Turner      
8:30 Terry Hayes Ro Sterner Dierdre Oconnor Johnsie Beck      
8:37 Jeanne Greaves Mary Ford Cheryl Kelly Judy Dabrowski      
8:45 Claudia Hammon Judy Walker Kathleen Vokes Carol Felner      
8:52    Flo Cucina Jayne Bullock Mary Ford        
9:00 Kathy Murphy Eva Muller Dede Brownlee Diane Wirth      

All $$$ in Pro Shop Credits





Susan Diehl/Gaetana Thackery- 57
Jeanne Greaves/Victoria Moretti- 59
Kathleen Vokes/Carol Felner- 61
Donna Sawers/Judy Walker- 63
Marggie Sebastian- 64
Dede Brownlee/Claudia Hammon- 65
Diane Wirth/Eva Muller- 65
Anna Turner/Rita Parrott- 68
Pros Score to beat- 70
$3.06 per player
#4 Suzanne Rivara $8.00
#11 Susan Diehl $8.00
1st place- Pat Primavera $12.00
2nd place- Kathy Murphy $10.00
3rd place- Marggie Sebastian $8.00
T-4th- Jeannie Hindman, Ro Sterner, and Carol Felner. $6.00 each player
Hole #8 Rita Parrott $9.50
Hole #15 Vickie Moretti $9.50

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