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Ladies League

ArrrowHead Golf Club Ladies League Membership

If you are interested in playing in a competitive but FUN ladies league then ArrowHead is the place for you.  The ladies play every Tuesday at 8:15 AM from November thru March.  It is not necessary to be a member at ArrowHead in order to join.  There is a $30.00 application fee which is applied to
prizes and the annual luncheon which is held in March.  All players must join the GHIN system at ArrowHead.  The fee for this service is $24.38per season.  Please fill out the attached application and bring it by the Pro Shop.  We look forward to meeting you.
*Ladies League Tuesday, April 17th, 2018                   
8:15 Susan Diehl Yvonne Minard Pat Primavera Pam Horne       
8:22  Susan Aborn Diane Wirth Joyce Buchanan   Margaret Stocker      
8:30 Cheryl Kelly Judy Walker Adrienne Scheuneman Marggie Sebastian      
8:37 Cathy Flaherty Kathleen Vokes S. Packer      
8:45 Claudia Hammon Kathy Murphy  Jeannie Hindman        
8:52 Flo Cucina Polly Gill  Janice Wieland         

All $$$ in Pro Shop Credits



Marggie Sebastian- 7pts. $16.28
Pat Primavera- 2pts. $4.62
Jane Fletcher- 2pts. $4.62
Flo Cucina- 2pts. $4.62
Janice Wieland- 2pts. $4.62
Adrienne Scheuneman- 1pt. $2.31
Diane Wirth- 1pt. $2.31
Claudia Hammon- 1pt. $2.31
Cathy Flaherty- 1pt. $2.31
Closest To The Pin
Hole 4- Kathleen Vokes $8.00
Hole 11- Jane Fletcher $8.00





Pat Carr- 6pts. $9.18
Marcia Nunn- 6pts. $9.18
Diane Haas- 5pts. $7.63
Joanne Botos- 4pts. $6.12
Susan Diehl- 2pts. $3.06
Pam Horne- 2pts. $3.06
Claudia Hammon- 2pts. $3.06
Janice Wieland- 2pts. $3.06
Judy Walker- 1pt. $1.53
Diane Wirth- 1pt. $1.53
Adrienne Scheuneman- 1pt. $1.53
Polly Gill- 1pt. $1.53
Kathy Murphy- 1pt. $1.53
Closest To The Pin
Hole #8- Jeannie Hindman $8.00
Hole #15- Mary Nylund $8.00


Mary Lou Keating- 7pts. $14.77
Raye Pietsch- 6pts. $12.66
Maggie Campopianno- 6pts. $12.66
Barbara Wendt- 4pts. $8.44
Ro Sterner- 4pts. $8.44
Yvonne Minard- 3pts. $6.33
Margaret Stocker- 2pts. $4.22
Susan Aborn- 2pts. $4.22
Joyce Buchanan- 1pt. $2.11
Cathy Flaherty- 1pt. $2.11
Estelle Baskin- 1pt. $2.11
Closest To The Pin- $8.00 Each
Hole 4- Susan Diehl $8.00
Hole 8- Susan Diehl $8.00





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