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LGA - Ladies Golf Association

Last edit 8-14-19 
You have the capability to design your own foursome through the email invitation.
If you receive an error message or do not see the player's name that you would like to register with - it means that they have already registered.
Just a reminder to some of the local rules that apply to weekly play:
  • Hole #3 - ball drop is to be used for any ball that goes into the water - excluding the tee ball
  • Hole #7 - ball drop is to be used for any ball that goes into the water - excluding the tee ball
  • Hole #15 - ball drop may be used if the tee ball does not clear the water
  • We have adopted all of the new rules that help with pace of play
  • The new stroke and distance rule for out-of-bounds is not mandatory for a player and the most notable point of the rule is identifying the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the boundary line; it is not where the ball ends up.
Obviously the rules are in place to help preserve the integrity of the game for all of the competitors and the Professional Staff at Arrowhead is here to help.  Please feel free to ask Mike about the rules and for a chuckle, watch this Video 
Attention SUMMER Ladies Golf Association players:
Summertime means a couple of different things for the LGA... 
  • Guests are welcome
  • The game will be Individual Quota Points  
  • Depending on the number of players, we will try to have 4 closest to the pins each week
To simplify the check-in process, the fee for the game will be included in the golf fee.
 Here are some helpful videos to help understand the game of golf:
Are your grips worn...let us regrip them for you
Tee Times
 8 20 19
LGA Quota Points Results813
LGA Quota Points Results806
LGA Quota Points Results73019
LGA Quota Points Results
If the results above are from the wrong week, please clear your browser cache by following these DIRECTIONS  

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