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MGA - Mens Golf Association

Last edit 7-6-20
Men's League Play for January 6, 2020 -March 31,2020:
$115.00 plus tax- includes golf, cart, game, and lunch.
Helpful hints on signing up
Here is what the invitation looks like:
After opening the email, it looks like this:
email 2
After selecting "playing" this is the next screen:
email 3
After selecting "sign up other members or guests" this is what appears:
email 4
After clicking the button for "sign up another member", this is what is displayedemail 5
After selecting the player's name from the drop down menu, select "playing with host" and hit save
Your screen will display the following message:
Below is an example of linked groups:  Notice the highlighted names have a number 1 next to their name.
keep together
However, when we look at the attached note, we see this:
missing name
Caution should be exercised to ensure groups are properly registered, because as it stands the current group is only Blasioli, Olney, and Williams as illustrated above.  Misra is signed up for the event, but not with the Blasioli group. 

You have the capability to design your own foursome through the email invitation.
If you receive an error message or do not see the player's name that you would like to register with - it means that they have already registered.  
Please keep in mind that the MGA plays to the standards set forth by the USGA and that all putts are to be holed-out if they are for a point. 
Weekly points will be adjusted in the following manner: 
A player's quota will go up 1pt for each +2pts he beats his designated weekly score by 
the quota will decrease by 1pt for each -3pts a player misses his designated score by.
Tee Times * As a courtesy to your fellow player, please check in at least 25 minutes prior to your scheduled tee time.
 Make sure you have " This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. " as a contact in your email system.  Failure to do so may cause missed invitations to play in the league.  
 7-13-20 Pairings
Mens pairings 7 13 20 
League Play for January 6, 2020 - March 31, 2020
$115 plus tax - includes golf, cart, game and lunch.      
MGA Results
7 13 20 MGA results
Mens Results 7 6 20
Mens Results 6 29 20
Mens Results 6 22 20
Mens Results 6 8 20
Mens Results 5 25 20
Mens Results 5 18 20
Mens Results 5 4 20
Mens Results 4 27 20
Mens Results 4 20 20
Mens Results 4 13 20
Mens Results 4 6 20
Mens Results 3 30 20
mens Results 3 23 20
 3 15 20 MGA Results
Mens Results 3 9 20
Mens Results 3 2 20
Mens Results 2 24 20
Mens League Results 2 17 20
Mens Results 2 10 20
Mens Results 2 3 20
 Mens Results 1 20 20
Quota REsults 1 13 20
12 23 19r1
Quota Points Results1216
Quota Points Results129
Quota Points Results122 
Quota Points Results1125
 Hole in onehardy
Quota Points Result1118
Quota Points Results1111
Quota Points Results1104
ResultsMGA Results 102819MGA Results 102119
Hole in oneJO
$$$ = Pro Shop Credit   
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