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MGA - Mens Golf Association

 Last edit 4-22-19
Attention all Men's Golf Association Players:
We ask that contestants sign up no more than 4 players. Signups will begin at 7:15a.m. on Mondays in the golf shop.  Due to the popularity of this league, we are unable to accept phone call signups as there are only 48 spots.  
 Please keep in mind that the MGA plays to the standards set forth by the USGA and that all putts are to be holed-out if they are for a point. 
Weekly points will be adjusted in the following manner: 
A player's quota will go up 1pt for each +2pts he beats his designated weekly score by 
the quota will decrease by 1pt for each -3pts a player misses his designated score by.
To simplify the check-in process, the fee for the game will be included in the golf fee.
Tee Times
Quota Points Results 
$$$ = Pro Shop Credit   
How worn are your grips...let us regip them for you.




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